The first step is to register by clicking on the word 'register' to the left of the horse directly above.  Once you register, you will receive an automatic email that will contain your username and password.  This email often ends up in junk or trash folders because it is a computer generated email.  Take this info and enter it by clicking on the 'log on' text to the left of the register text above.  Sometimes it is helpfully to refresh your screen to ensure that the username and password will work.  Once you successfully log on, there will be a Paypal button.  Click here and follow the easy steps to pay with your credit card.  Once you pay, your subscription will be automatically activated no matter the time of day.  It's that easy!

You may also fax me your credit card number, name on card, type of card and expiration date to 903-705-6262 and I will have to manually activate your account as soon as I am able to do so.


Teachers, check out!  It is designed to make your life easier!  These presentations are full of great material and come with quizzes, lecture notes and student outlines - they are one of a kind!

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