Hunter Under Saddle Terminology


Longer, lower frame
More consistent in his speed
Maintained proper contact from hand to mouth
Was better suited to purpose
More naturally relaxed at the poll
Was more broke
Was more consistent in the beats of his stride
Guided with minimal cues from the rider
Maintained a more consistent frame
Was leveler across the topline
Reversed with more ease
Backed with more flexion at the poll

Quality of Movement

Was more rhythmic and cadenced at the trot
Longer, more sweeping stride
More ground covering stride
Moved with his knees and hocks closer to the ground
Longer, more extended stride
Traveled with more impulsion
Had deeper engagement with his hindquarters
Traveled in a more distinct manner
More extension from the shoulder
Reached further at the trot
More drive and forward momentum at the canter
Covered more ground with fewer strides
Stepped deeper into his front foot print


More pleasant expression
Looked through the bridle with more forward ears
Quieter with his tail
Better mannered
Showed more expression in the bridle