Market Lambs

Placings:  4-1-3-2

Cuts:  3-5-2

I placed the market lambs 4-1-3-2.  In the top pair of more muscular wethers, I personally like the blue sheep to win.  For me, he ties his muscularility into a bigger, more correctly finished package.  Not only is 4 a taller fronted lamb, that is longer measuring from his last rib back.  But this compliments the fact that he is a cleaner profiling lamb that is likely leaner to touch.  I would expect him to have an advantage in cutability.  True, 1 is a heavier weight lamb that wraps with a bigger leg.  However, I placed him second because he is a heavy middled lamb that is deep in his sternum.

However, 1 is a more powerfully muscled, growthier lamb, and needs to beat 3 in the middle pair.  No doubt, 1 is a wider based sheep that has more tone and shape of muscle from his rack back into his leg.  To add to this, I find him to be a heavier weight lamb and he should go to the cooler with more product from his 13th rib back. Yes, 3 is more correct in his body depth.  However, for me he goes third, because 3 is clearly the lightest muscled, thickest hided lamb in the class, that is a bit too stale.

Now, in the bottom pair of lambs that differ in composition I elected to use the leaner lamb and placed 3 over 2.  I predict he will have an advantage in yield grade because he should handle leaner down his spine and is especially cleaner appearing over his forerib.  On the other hand 2 is a more muscular sheep.  He has a bolder shape of muscle over his rack, a fuller loin edge and more volume to his leg.  Nonetheless, I placed him fourth.  Not only is he short bodied, but he is clearly appears to be the softest handling, most overdone lamb in the class.